Re-write history with Alexis Cate, LCSW! Participants will gain insight surrounding the basic premises of Narrative Therapy in separating patient’s from their problem focused narratives, some fundamental tenets of a narrative approach and interventions to utilize in practice, as well as ways to incorporate narrative a perspective into treatment planning goals and objectives. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Say what? Gain enhanced insight surrounding communication skills! Join Dr. Steven Levey as we explore communication styles across generations, differing social environments, and contrasting means of communication, both formal and informal. Participants will also study the fascinating variations in how people communicate with each other and the important ethical considerations for practitioners when addressing communication and miscommunication. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Shoshana Averbach, LMSW, MA gives us a glimpse into the world of Metaphysics! Gain an overview of how metaphysical theory examines energy in work and living spaces, strategies for optimizing therapeutic work space, how the space that surrounds us affects energy levels and mood, as well as practical interventions. Also explore and discover how energy affects the therapeutic relationship and may contribute to preventing burnout. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


CE You! welcomes Valerie Kuykendall-Rogers, LPC for a special Webinar as we take a deeper look into Attachment Theory. Participants will gain insight surrounding how to define and recognize symptoms of Wounded Attachment, how Wounded Attachment develops, impacting clients’ ability to form healthy relationships, as well as methods, strategies and approaches to work with clients suffering from Wounded Attachment. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


CE You! welcomes back therapist, author and lecturer Rev. Dr. Karen Herrick as we study the spiritual side of Jungian psychology. Participants will be able to better comprehend differences between Freudian Psychology and Jungian Analytical Psychology, the relevance of Jungian Analytical approaches in understanding the life problems social workers address, Jung’s views on religion and the spiritual experience. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Welcome to another evening with Simple Spaces founder, professional organizer Katie Tracy as we dig deeper into how we are impacted by the space that surrounds us! Participants will review research on the current impact of clutter on American families, examine differences between clutter and hoarding, (as well as warning signs) and discuss common causes of clutter and disorganization. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Alexis Cate, LCSW brings us a closer look into motivational interviewing. Participants will explore the definition and variations of motivational interviewing to better understand what it is, and what it is not; examine the impact of ambivalence on clinical care, as well as ways to implement interventions and strategies, putting them into practice for effective client treatment. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Study the Ethical imperatives that inform and guide the delicate balance of managerial and clinical obligations within organizational policy and decision making. Nicole DelPrete, LMSW delves into the why and how of working relationships, and the values that create a compassionate culture and supportive climate, promoting an inclusive mission-centered approach. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Welcome Renee Jacobs, M.S.W., L.C.S.W., C.R.S., Certified Rubenfeld Synergist, as we delve into the truth and wisdom derived through “Bodymind” informed talk therapy. Participants will enjoy an overview of the Rubenfeld Synergy method, a deeper understanding of how applying a Synergy approach can add effectiveness to work within the client session, and tools for promoting skills to help clients build and maintain awareness of the body’s messages. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Alexis Cate, LCSW brings attendees helpful perspectives on Suicide risk assessment and intervention techniques. Attendees will gain insight with respect to confronting the uncomfortable aspects of addressing suicide risk when engaged in direct conversation with clients, developing tools to take action and safety planning strategies surrounding client disclosures, and identifying and/or monitoring high risk individuals in the context of emotional symptoms and behavioral presentation. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Feeling sentimental? Join Simple Spaces founder, and Certified Professional Organizer Katie Tracy as we discuss some of the emotions behind many common ways contemporary American families are impacted by clutter. Participants will gain insight surrounding emotional attachment to “stuff”, decision making processes, as well as strategies for addressing the different and varied manifestations of emotional attachment that make “letting go” so difficult. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Join Clinical Social Worker and Certified Health Coach Kori Grillo as we explore the impact of gender in the the professional environment as well as the contemporary social context. Gain insight about shedding gender based anxiety and fear surrounding personal success, understanding each individual’s definition of personal success, and the modern complexities of negotiating multigenerational environments and systems where encounters with varying expectations surrounding gender roles are often brought to light. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Join Tim Victorella, MSW, QMHP as we take a closer look at the concept of Biohacking. Participants will gain insight surrounding the definition of biohacking and understanding how this process can make lasting changes to mental wellness, tapping into how the body uses chemicals and systems to promote wellness and joy, as well as exploring simple “biohacks” to apply, which assist clients in maximizing their personal best. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Join therapist and author Lea Boriskin, LCSW as we examine and review many concrete tools available to practitioners working to facilitate significant progress in treatment that demonstrates clients internalizing concepts through applying educational mindsets, motivating clients to utilize helpful methods in and between sessions, and developing greater capacity for clinicians to create effective ways to convey and apply therapeutic techniques in treatment. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Therapy meets technology! Andrea Brognano, LMHC guides participants through the multidimensional aspects of cyberspace as a therapeutic setting. Gain enhanced insight surrounding the origin and background of online therapy and applied technology platforms, contexts and circumstances to be examined in determining appropriateness of online therapy for different client populations, as well as challenges and safeguards for maintaining client privacy and the ethical responsibilities of clinicians providing services online. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Journey through a day in the life of today’s teens with Dr. Steven Levey. Participants will explore the ethical considerations when promoting self-determination with teenage clients, the environmental factors experienced in school versus home, and navigating conflicts that may arise when all the various systems meet each other; as well as building tools and insights to help teens succeed. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Join Sarah Gugluizza, LCSW as we discuss the importance of play, with special consideration to play in the treatment setting. Practitioners will gain insight on how play is the language of children, the different types of play and what purpose each of them serve; why it’s important for therapy, as well as knowing/using direct versus non direct play; specific play therapy interventions and strategies will also be addressed. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Unlock the psychological factors that perpetuate conflicts on the micro, mezzo, and macro levels with Diana File, MA. Enjoy a comprehensive overview of the often unrecognized psycho-social elements of conflict, how problematic belief systems interact to perpetuate conflict at the individual, group, and global level, and effective strategies to help clients apply these insights. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Explore how resilience can be nurtured using expressive and play therapy interventions! Join Sabra Starnes, LICSW,LCSW-C, M.ED, RPT-S as we discuss the ACES assessment and scores, and how they affect youth emotionally and physically. Participants will expand their knowledge of resilience through interactions between an individual’s adverse experiences and protective factors, and learn how specific protective factors are used throughout the life- span when coping with adversity. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Where might Social Workers and Accountants find common ground? Ask forensic accountant and Long Term Care Ombudsman Rani Gupta, CPA!
Rani shares her unique insights showing us how a review of the books can reveal much more than just numbers. Participants will review financial abuse risk factors for seniors and other vulnerable populations, enhance awareness skills and tools for preventing financial abuse and exploitation, and gain a deeper understanding of warning signs that may prompt referrals to adult protective agencies. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Examine the multilayered aspects of bullying with Clinical Social Worker Sarah Gugluizza, LCSW. This presentation will assist practitioners with the review of Bullying and its defining characteristics, the various manifestations of bullying, along with a deeper look into the social and emotional aspects of how and why bullying occurs to aid in assessment and intervention strategies, and an understanding of its broader impact. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Adoption Social Worker Megan Montgomery shares fascinating insights surrounding personal identity through the adoption perspective. Participants will learn how social media has impacted family search and reunion, explore ethical considerations for practitioners assisting clients pursuing family searches, and identifying the positive and negative aspects of DNA testing and social media. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Bring conversations to life at the core of macro-work with Nicole DelPrete, LMSW! Participants will enjoy insights on creating comfortable and safe spaces to maximize group productivity, the art of hosting productive sessions, basic concepts applied to facilitating important meetings, along with strategies for working through difficult conversations among team members. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Deborah Levinson, LCSW takes participants on a journey through the adjustment process following the loss of a spouse or life partner. Attendees will gain deeper comprehension surrounding the loss of an anchor, the impact on relationship quality, stages of adjustment, and the growth process, as well as variables for practitioners to consider including gender and age at the time of loss, and application of treatment models. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.


Explore the neurophysiological side of mental health with Rev. Dr. Karen Herrick, PhD., LCSW, LMSW, CADC. Participants will gain an overview of repressed trauma in the body and how these repressed memories trigger fearful behaviors in clients, the neurophysiological processes of the body and the reactions clients have to other people and their environment, theories of James, Jung, Maslow and Grof, and the differences between Spiritual Experiences and psychotic hallucinations. Earn 2 CE Contact Hours.